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More Saturday details - Parade
by posted 09/13/2019

Hey everyone, I just got more details on the Saturday Parade from the league.  Here is how this will go:

  1. Players should be dropped off at the Dulles South Rec Center between 12:00-12:15 tomorrow.
  2. There will be no parking at the Rec Center. All parking is at Freedom HS and Liberty ES (across the street from the HS).
  3. Players should wear their fall uniforms with sneakers.
  4. Once we get to Freedom HS you will stay with your players as a group near the stage. During the "ceremony" each team will be asked to stand as their name is called.
  5. At the conclusion of the presentations parents will come to where you are to collect their players.


That's all I got. See you Saturday! 

--Coach D

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Saturday Schedule
by posted 09/12/2019

Hello Red Wing Parents!


There seems to be some confusion about Saturday. So here's the rundown:

11:30-11:45am our team has pictures at Mercer MS. Wear your uniforms. 

12:20 - Drive to Dulles Rec Center on Riding Center Drive for the parade to Freedom HS. When we get to Freedom HS at 1pm, there will be games, bounce houses, food, presentations, etc. 

The "Opening Day" ceremonies end at 4pm. You can stay and play on all the rides and stuff until then. 

There are no games on Saturday.   


--Coach D

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Practice re-schedule
by posted 09/12/2019

Hey everyone, 

First, tonight we are scheduled to get rain.  I will let everyone know if our game gets cancelled. If it isn't cancelled before the game starts, it is up to us managers to cancel the game. 

Second, next Tuesday's practice is going to be rescheduled to Monday at 5:15 at Byrnes Field to watch the older Red Wings. This is in an effort for our team to see the game played by older kids, get a better feel for the game, bond a little, and have a shared rooting interest. Please let me know if you are going to come and if you want to chip in for pizza and drinks for dinner at the game for you and your children. Once I figure out how to do that officially on the site, I will execute the change.

--Coach D

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