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Managers Committee:

The Board of Directors shall appoint a Managers Committee consisting of at least three (3) Directors, one of whom shall be the Player Agent.  The Player Agent shall chair this Committee. The Committee shall interview and investigate prospective managers and coaches, and recommend acceptable candidates to the President, for appointment and subsequent approval by the Board of Directors. It shall, during the playing season, observe the conduct of the managers and coaches and report its findings to the President of the league. It shall, at the request of the President or Board of Directors, investigate complaints concerning managers and coaches and make a report thereof to the President or Board of Directors as the case may be.


Committee Members:

  1. Tracey FitzGerald, Player Agent, Chair

  2. Tara Pollock, Director

  3. Heather Marohn, Director

  4. Brian Triplett, Director

  5. Chuck Hoskins, Director

  6. Justin Pinkard, Director